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Repligen Corporation

Repligen Corporation



Repligen Corporation



Repligen is abioprocessing-focused life sciences company bringing over 30 years of expertise and innovation to our customers. We are inspiring advances inbioprocessing through the development and commercialization of high-valueproducts and flexible solutions that address critical steps in the productionof biologic drugs, principally monoclonal antibodies.

Our core Protein Aaffinity ligands business is complemented by an expanding suite oftechnology-leading bioprocessing products that we sell direct tobiopharmaceutical companies and contract manufacturers worldwide. All of ourbioprocessing products are meaningfully differentiated from alternatives to thebenefit of our customers. Our Protein A ligands are used to purify over 50monoclonal antibody-based drugs on the market and more than 300 in clinicaldevelopment.Our XCell™ ATFcell concentration device, and cellculture supplements are at the forefront of innovation inbioprocessing.To provide customers with the broadest selection of pre-packedchromatography columns from bench-scale to production-scale, Repligenacquired Atoll GmBH of Weingarten, Germany, solidifying Repligen as a leadingsupplier in this fast-growing segment.


Repligen Corporation正式授权安诺伦生物为其中国代理,Repligen Corporation 一直以来都是行业的标杆,一直为广大科研客户提供最为优质的产品和服务,北京安诺伦生物致力于为中国科研客户带来最好的产品和服务,签约Repligen Corporation 就是为了给广大科研客户带来更加完善的产品和服务,您的满意将是我们最大的荣幸。产品信息欢迎电询:4009658633,010-56256916,联系企业QQ:3198592576,3212874516

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  • Anti-protein A coated 96 well microtiter plate

  • Reagent A: sample diluent (5x)

  • Reagent B: MabSelect SuRe standard solution

  • Reagent C: rabbit anti-protein A: biotin probe

  • Reagent D: streptavidin: peroxidase conjugate

  • Reagent E: TMB peroxidase substrate

  • Anti-protein A coated 96-well microtiter plate

  • Reagent A: sample diluent (5x)

  • Reagent B: recombinant protein A standard solution

  • Reagent C: rabbit anti-protein A: biotin probe

  • Reagent D: streptavidin: peroxidase conjugate

  • Reagent E: TMB peroxidase substrate

  • PBS packs (quantity 2)

  • LONG®R3 IGF-I coated strip plate, 96 wells

  • LONG®R3 IGF-I Standard

  • Diluent

  • Biotinylated detection antibody

  • Streptavidin Peroxidase

  • TMB Peroxidase Substrate

  • LoBind® 1.5 mL Eppendorf tubes









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